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Skyn BACtrack – smart bracelet-a breathalyzer that sends notifications to your smartphone [video]

Company BACtrack presented the bracelet Skyn to measure the level of alcohol in the blood, which can send relevant notifications to your smartphone. The accessory looks like an ordinary fitness tracker, but is able to measure the alcohol content in the sweat.

Skyn bracelet takes readings once per second. Electrochemical sensor allows the gadget to detect molecules of ethanol, which skips the skin, and the algorithm then translates these readings into a standard scale of alcohol content in blood (in ppm). When the value exceeds a preset rate, the device can send a warning through Blutetooth on your smartphone or on the gadgets his relatives.

The measurement procedure takes up to 45 minutes. Ordinary users can use smart bralet to monitor alcohol consumption and to share the collected data. Researchers and law enforcement officers can use the accessory for longer observing the level of alcohol in the blood of a particular person. From existing products on the market the decision BACtrack favorably less bulky design and unobtrusive appearance.

Recently, the development won the tender for the creation of such a gadget from the National institutes of health and received a $200 000. At the moment it is unknown how much it will cost device. Edition bracelet-breathalyzer on the market is scheduled for the end of this year.

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