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SkyBell 2.0-smart doorbell with built-in camera and Wi-Fi [video]

With the advancement of technology and the individualization of contemporary society a choice of doorbells has expanded infinitely. Users have plenty of opportunities to choose these mechanical devices, able to meet any need. The company created SkyBell doorbell is a new generation representing a security system for the modern “smart” home.

SkyBell 2.0 is an electronic unit that can play the role of a doorbell and notification device. It contains a wireless module Wi-Fi, speaker, microphone, motion sensors and a camera with a wide angle lens support night vision mode.

Positioning SkyBell 2.0 is necessary at the front door. As soon as a visitor calls, the house owner receives a notification to your device. The gadget communicates with the smartphone via your home wireless network. The user can remotely activate the camera and see who’s at the door, to let or to ignore a guest.

When triggered one of the motion sensors in the camera field of view, the device also automatically sends a notification to your smartphone. At the same time the channel is streamed from the camera. Thus, the dwelling owner will be always aware of what’s going on at home and who wants to get inside. If necessary, you can install a remote voice communication.

SkyBell 2.0 the creators say the smartphone is the perfect device for monitoring your front door, because people almost always carry it with you. Built-in camera of the gadget captures images not only during the daytime, but in the dark, and the adjustable lens will always be aimed at the object.

Case SkyBell is made of plastic to avoid interference with the transmission of Wi-Fi signal. The plastic itself is thus resistant to UV radiation and prevents corrosion of the internal parts of the call.

The cost SkyBell 2.0 on the manufacturer’s website is $199, for the period shares discount of $50.

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