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Sky Dancer – runner, which will destroy your self-esteem

05.02.2017 0 Comments

We’ve learned that the main mobile genres – runners and fritupleynaya strategy game is extremely simple: you press one button with one finger, all the great and good. And if not, then just because you want money, you will pay, and will surely be well. And if ordinary people are happy with this situation, the slightly more experienced users (which surely will be noted here in the comments) this, of course, not “feed” – I want some challenge and adrenaline. Well, you asked, we found. Please Welcome Sky Dancer.


Sky Dancer – runner, which will destroy your self-esteem

The point of this game (and any runner) were extremely simple: your character (the dress is beautifully waving in the wind), running along the platforms, located in the middle of nowhere – around, naturally, space. The platform is small, fast, and then need to jump forward somewhere in the air you will pick up a saving ledge. Sometimes the site is divided into several parts, and the piece covering half the road – then you should intervene.

Sky Dancer – runner, which will destroy your self-esteem


Unlike the vast majority of runners, the management here is not swipe – the rapid finger movements and by long pressing. That is, you leave your finger in the corner of the screen, and the heroine meeeeee moves to the side. And then, after a moment very, very quickly.

Sky Dancer – runner, which will destroy your self-esteem

Veterans of runners now, probably in mild shock because I can only guess how it changes things. Plus or minus full. Now it is not enough just to react to the changing landscape – you also need filigree to calculate the time pressed. Just nedokrutil – and the girl happily flies into the abyss. A little twisted – there. Filigree requires precision and speed, of course, is quite high: it’s still a runner.


This leads to an interesting effect – we all criticize games of this genre for the low complexity ,and then when we do give a light, grumbling to rest came, and not the last the nerve cells to grind. But nothing but Sky Dancer skillfully charges sports rage, forcing him to return to it again and again – well, I now have the front runner will pass? Yes, never, and once again you are trying to update (modest) record.

Sky Dancer – runner, which will destroy your self-esteem

And besides, Sky Dancer – and even forbidden the beautiful game. It happens somewhere in the middle of the stars and planets, and the landscape at first confuses the spirit of the space around you, and you in him – only a grain of sand. With each parita weather conditions change, so reason again to start the game you have at least two: to prove to myself that I can see the beauty of the space at sunset, when the looming wrapped gasoven the sun planet.

Sky Dancer – runner, which will destroy your self-esteem

Sky Dancer distributed free of charge – you will require at the start, it’s 250 megabytes of traffic. Inside, you can make purchases – for example, to buy a pack of content for 75 rubles – but it is strictly optional: the management will not be better, and the space further will not bloom. Of course, you can buy another character, but what’s the point – the point is not who is running on the track. The fact is – and it’s for any money can not buy.


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