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Skeptics change their opinion about Apple Watch after the first acquaintance

Before the release of the Apple Watch on sale the users were requested to visit the nearest Apple Store and try on a smart watch before order your favorite model in the online store. According to Tom’s Hardware by selecting this approach, Apple have hit the bullseye.

An interesting study conducted by a Czech company eMerite. Her area of specialization is neuromarketing – track physiological reactions of consumers to advertising or a specific product. In the last experiment, the researchers gave subjects 20 smart watch Apple Watch, and while some were familiar with the features of the gadget, but encephalogram, recording any changes in brain activity. As it turned out, the most vivid emotions cause users the ability to easily change straps, remote control smartphone camera function and answer the call. Siri was not included in this list, because Apple Watch is not yet supported Czech language.

Tracking the direction of gaze has helped determine which bracelets to participants in the experiment. The result was unexpected: regardless of the gender of the subject, with a big lead pale pink version with a modern buckle.

Experts have found that after a brief acquaintance with the Apple Watch, people’s interest in this gadget is only growing. In General, the reaction of users to the first smart-hours of Apple is estimated as positive, even if initially the person was skeptical.

While Apple does not disclose sales of the Apple Watch. At a recent conference, The Wall Street Journal CEO Tim cook said that the company will not disclose data on the sales of “smart” hours, because it is “sensitive from the point of view of competition”. Thus, on a quarterly reporting conference today, we detailed the outcomes of the sales of the Apple Watch will not hear.

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