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Six months with the iPhone 7 Plus. Honest postobon flagship Apple

In a week traditionally devoted to the review of the smartphone, to learn all the strengths and weaknesses of the model difficult. Another thing is to move with the machine six months, to learn thoroughly its pros and cons, and then make an informed decision: “Yes, my next phone will be the same brand” or “No, never buy this lamache!”.

Say, iPhone users are most loyal to “Apple” brand. I use Apple since the iPhone 4. And iPhone 7 does not give the slightest reason to consider the account in order to defect to the camp of Android. iPhone 7 Plus pleased with the first minutes of Dating, and continues to give positive emotions and six months after the purchase.

Design, ergonomics, practicality

SLR case “seven” in the color Jet Black just like, during the review of the device, and it looks great so far. That, and the skill of the designers at Apple did not take away the happy eyes, happy, excited fingers. Thin, with rounded edges and corners, the iPhone 7 is not only beautiful, but surprisingly comfortable. This is despite the fact that I use the “spade-like” modification of the smartphone. That which Plus.

Why Plus? After weighing all the “pros” and “cons”, decided to sacrifice ergonomics for the sake of a more capacious battery. As a bonus — dual camera and higher resolution screen. However, these factors were not decisive.

After six months of working with a smartphone ready to confirm the usefulness of shovels. Yes, you have to get used to and adjust. Yes, compared to smaller counterparts often have to hold the phone with two hands. But experience with a larger screen outweigh the disadvantages. The device with a diagonal of 5.5 inches — a sort of compromise solution between phone and tablet. With the iPhone 7 Plus, you can easily do without the iPad.

The inconvenience of considerable size, partially kompensiruet slim profile. The mobile safely fits in the front pocket of his jeans, where I have it constantly and wear. Although at first it was difficult.

Soon after the arrival of iPhone 7 Plus I, bearing in mind its not the smoothest hands, decided to clothe smartphone protection that can protect the phone from drops. Bought a leather case from Apple, which added the unit “hatkoli” and pleasant sensations of the noble material.

The quality of Apple on top. However, no serious scratches on the glossy casing is the merit of my (saved to the presence of the case). For reviews of other owners, without additional protection gloss “black onyx” instantly manages to Scarpetta and grow into fading.

Tales of bent the “pros” remain a fairy tale if you ask for, you foolish, as they say, and nose to break. None of the normal user problems with a bent iPhone 7 Plus can not be.

Everything that concerns design, quality of materials and ergonomics (of course, given the “plantations” orientation of the device) smartphone, Apple performed at the highest level. Without cutting-sharp ends, peeling paint and cracking plastic housings, as has happened before.


The LCD screen of iPhone 7 Plus is among the most advanced LCD panels with large, bright and with enough resolution. Of course, Full HD is not very modern mobile standard, but it is more than enough for the human eye. Thanks to the work I have seen many smartphones with a higher resolution display, however, no tangible benefits they offer.

On the perception of the image is much more influenced by the manufacturing technology of the matrix. Some prefer AMOLED some IPS. Frankly, right now, when choosing a top-end smartphone I would be less focused on the display. Current technologies allow to obtain high quality images even on low-end models, to say nothing of the flagships.

The only significant claim indirectly associated not only with the screen, but the phone design is to a large part. It is indecent to do polusantimetrovoy the padding around the edges, because of their expense it would be possible or install a larger screen, or significantly reduce the size of a smartphone.

iOS 10 and performance

The operating system and the performance of the smartphone in the case with the iPhone 7 Plus are closely interrelated. Machine no slowdowns and delays opens any of the apps and games menu and operating system partitions. And yet you take the iPhone off the table, and he lights the screen and shows you recent alerts. Convenient and logical, especially given how quickly began to unlock the phone the fingerprint sensor Touch ID.

Camera and autonomy

Of 12 megapixels, you can make a lot. As shown by comparative photos with the top flagships of competitors. Camera iPhone 7 Plus copes with fotosemochny and shows a very good result.

The “plus seven” two cameras, one wide angle and one with a telephoto lens. Right while shooting, you can choose which of the two cameras to use, and it is made intuitively simple. Double zoom is for photo and for video.

For many, the zoom can become a major attraction of the iPhone 7 Plus. I noticed that began to make more shots, not because the device is tested, and because there is finally room for qualitative subjects from afar. Before I took your fingers on the screen, bringing a grainy image, grief removed all the blurred frames and then often stopped to reach for the phone, seeing the cute object or background for shooting far — still not good enough.

With the iPhone 7 Plus your feed on instagram will be filled much faster, proven. Coupled with a portrait shooting mode, the gadget is a great tool for creativity.

With regard to autonomy, the iPhone 7 Plus confidently reside on a single charge a full day of work, coping with all the tasks, communications and entertainment. If you use less active, you will live a lot longer, but still to a full two days does not hold.

While under heavy load (downloading a heavy file on LTE while playing resource-intensive games with 3D graphics) to put the battery of the smartphone can be significantly faster for 5-6 hours.


Among other features of the iPhone 7 is welcome waterproof housing. But the rejection of the mini-jack to connect the speakers — of course, a moot point. The argument Apple is quite clear: all of the custom electronics is committed to the harmonization of interfaces, and in General, big analog connector, which performs only one function, has no place in a compact gadget.

The main disadvantage that you can experience from the lack of a familiar port — the inability to charge the phone and listen to music at the same time. The solution: a docking station or a third-party adapters. Also will fit AirPods wireless headphones, sold separately.

I hope that Apple will actively continue the trend of moving wired audio to the digital — through common interfaces Lightning and USB C — and however will help to make wireless headphones in the mass better and less problematic than they are now.

Good technique should bring positive emotions from the use of, like a good car a joy to drive. The iPhone 7 is obtained.

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