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Siri will be installed in 5 million Ford cars [video]

Voice assistant Siri is available for the 5 million owners of Ford vehicles, transmits AutoNews with reference to the statement by the automaker. Previously, the system Siri Eyes Free installed on Chevrolet, Opel, Honda and other car brands.

Ford has reportedly signed an agreement with Apple. Users can run it on all the cars that were manufactured after 2011 and is equipped with the SYNC system. Download personal assistant is using the application CarPlay.

Siri can be activated by long-pressing the button on the steering wheel. Following this, the driver will be able to text, make calls or search the desired number in the phone book using personal assistant. All of this is shown in a small video posted by Ford.

With the help of technology, Siri Eyes Free, drivers of Ford cars can:

  • Initiate calls to contacts from your address book
  • To search for a number of restaurants and other establishments in the city.
  • Set reminders and alarms
  • Check the weather
  • To select and play music
  • Send and listen to the test message
  • Use voice navigation Apple Maps.

Earlier American company has developed a multimedia system SYNC 3. For the first time new technology has been applied to models of the Fiesta and Escape. Unlike its predecessor, SYNC 3 is running on the new operating system, which was developed by BlackBerry. It is noted that this multimedia system has a higher performance.

SYNC 3 has received an upgraded voice recognition function, touch controls and improved graphics. Updating the system is using Wi-Fi. SYNC 3 also allows you to display on the touchscreen a number of smartphone apps.

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