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Siri spoke about the fate of Jon snow from “Game of thrones”

The fate of one of the Central characters of the television series “Game of thrones” increasingly dominates the minds of fans. One by one the actors involved in the production, admit that Jon snow is definitely dead, as soon as may be dead people who received dozens of knife wounds. But that’s why the role by kit Harington continues to appear on the set, refusing to explain.

The most impatient viewers decided not to wait two weeks before the start of the sixth season of the series and get answers from Siri. However, the answers were in the spirit of the voice assistant Apple – paradoxical, unexpected and mysterious.

For example, in one case, an artificial intelligence admits he does not know, is he alive Jon snow, but hoped that someone would take care of his direwolf. In another case, Siri asks who is destined to live forever and to avoid a terrible ending. The assistant also says that if the character will die, it is definitely not today.

“I don’t know. But I hope someone will take care of his direwolf Ghost”.

“Dead means dead”. Or “the dead will never die”? No, wait, maybe “death the final nightmare”. I give up!”

“I’m not sure. And he tried to reboot? This usually helps”.

“You know what they say about death… not today! Although why tomorrow more suitable day? In any case, I don’t know”.

However, all these phrases can even be called substantial in comparison with your favorite Siri response, consisting of only one word: “Hodor”.

Drama TV series genre fantasy “Game of thrones” was being filmed for HBO under the direction of David Benioff and Daniel Weiss. Surveys are conducted in several countries, including the UK, Croatia, Iceland and Morocco.

The premiere of the first season in the USA took place on 17 April 2011. In Russia, the TV series showed the Fox TV channels, REN TV and Amedia Premium. On the sixth season of the creators of “Game of thrones” promised not to stop planned shooting at least another two seasons. The new season will start on April 24.

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