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Siri sends Russian users in the procession to the place of execution of the Royal family

Voice assistant Siri, is designed to improve the user experience with the iOS, began to give unexpected advice to the Russians. In response to the question “Where should I go today”, the system sends the inhabitants of Ekaterinburg to the place of execution of the Royal family.

On the puzzling behavior of Siri drew the attention of the readers Uralpolit. “Lay out the route to a Memorial cross at the mine, where were thrown the remains of the Royal Family of Nicholas II,” notes virtual assistant. The route to the mine service pads correctly. IPhone owners conducted an experiment and got similar results.

Probable cause, in that all users are directed to the same address associated with the POI in the database of Apple in Russia not so many points. Thus the place of execution of the Royal family, which is very important for foreign guests, was the only point that fits the definition where you can out in your free time.

In addition to routing services, Siri also allows you to launch applications, search for information online, perform mathematical operations, set an alarm, send a message or email, to find the nearest restaurant, create a reminder.

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