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Siri saved the life of a victim with the explosion of home American

An American resident of the city of Wilmott, new Hampshire Christopher Bosher got out of the burning house only because of Siri. He burned his hands, but with the help of the voice assistant Apple, he was able to call in rescue service.

Christopher Boser nearly died, being in the epicenter of the explosion, which occurred at his mother’s house. According to the man, if not the virtual assistant on his smartphone, which the victim called 911, he wouldn’t have gotten out of the burning house.

Boxer wanted to check the empty cottage of his mother. When he entered the building and turned on the light explosion. The man received serious injuries and the house caught fire.

According to the victim, his face and hands were badly burned, because when he grabbed the iPhone to call emergency services, then he simply lacks the strength for that.

“I was in shock, my badly burned fingers. Don’t remember how I ended up in the ambulance”, — said the American.

“Apparently, I asked Siri to call for help, since she could not dial 911 because of the pain,” added Boxer.

Currently, the greenback is in the hospital, his life is not in danger.

Siri is not the first time saves the lives of the users. In the early years of 4-year-old boy in London with the help of the voice assistant Apple has been able to call emergency services and call a medical team for his mother, lying unconscious.

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