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Siri saved the life of a paralyzed cyclist, extreme, calling an ambulance

Amazing case of man’s salvation Siri happened to the cyclist, Andrew Jo, known for his risky stunts on mountain bikes. The athlete became ill, he started to go numb limbs, and soon he was paralyzed. Jo fell to the floor, but he helped voice assistant Siri in its iPhone.

Andrew Jo hardly expected that the most dangerous moment of his life overtake him in his home. Feeling dizzy after dinner with friends, he decided to return home early. Once alone, he wanted to call the doctor, but then fell to the floor. Besides him, the house was empty, so he couldn’t call for help.

His whole body below the neck was paralyzed. Guy is lucky: dropped iPhone landed just 20 centimeters away from him. Using only his chin, he managed to crawl and after five unsuccessful attempts activated language Siri, which called 911.

The team rushed the cyclist to a hospital, where he underwent a four-hour operation on the spine. According to the statement of physicians, when falling on the floor That ruptured blood vessel between the third and fourth cervical vertebrae, which next year he will be paralyzed from the neck down.

Friends extreme was created on a crowdfunding platform a special page where anyone can donate money to the treatment Andrew. To date, thanks to their efforts, managed to collect about $100,000.

Andrew Jo thanked users for their financial support:

Athlete running a marketing specialist in velokomande GT, not the first, who saved Siri. Last spring, the Australian with the voice assistant of Apple called the ambulance year-old child who stopped breathing. In 2015, the man from the USA could call for help after he became stuck under a truck; in another case a small child asked Siri to call an ambulance, his mother, who fell and hit his head.

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