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Siri saved the life of 18-year-old American, who dropped the truck

Voice assistant Siri on the iPhone saved the lives of the American. The function came to the rescue of a resident of Tennessee, when there was no help.

18-year-old man was repairing the truck in his garage. The car was lifted on the Jack and at one point broke. Two-ton machine fell to its owner, holding that both hands. Nobody responded to the cries for help, and the victim could not get out from under the car.

Trying to release the clenched hands, the American suddenly heard the voice of Siri, sounded from lying in the back pocket of his trousers iPhone. Realizing that this is the only chance for salvation, the young man tried again to launch the voice assistant, and after a few minutes he succeeded. He called 9-1-1. Soon to the aid of the victim has arrived a brigade of rescuers.

I must say that this is not the first case when the iPhone comes to the rescue of people. In may of this year, smartphone saved the British from a bullet wound. A young man was shot by the intruders, however, fortunately, in his breast pocket was an iPhone, which stopped the bullet.

In August last year, an appeal to Siri was proof of the murder. 20-year-old offender after a perfect couldn’t figure out where to hide the body, and appealed for help to his iPhone.

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