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Siri mistakenly called Angela Merkel “a slave of America”

Virtual assistant iOS operating system Siri funny bloggers, “podutil” over Chancellor Angela Merkel. To the question “who is it” the app has responded to its users that the politician – “the German liar and a slave of America”.

According Riafan unknown “corrected” the article about the German Chancellor in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, where Siri gets all the information. And personal assistant spoke about Merkel that way.

However, not long. “Senior companions” the mistake was quickly discovered and all sub-rules. However, the problem with Siri was fixed only a few hours later, the newspaper writes Der Spiegel.

“Even the computers making fun of Merkel,” wrote the user gerad.

“Apparently, someone knows something. Freud is alive,” – says the blogger Anna.

It should be noted that this is not the first incident with voice assistant Apple. Previously, users in Runet complained about features Siri localization, dubbing voice assistant “homophobic”. They published examples of responses: “Gay is normal?”, “Siri, when is the gay parade in Moscow”, “to be gay or not to be?”. Siri gave answers, but for different question in Russian and English languages. In particular, the Russian-speaking Siri felt emotions towards gays negative, but the word itself is offensive.

Later Apple made corrections to the work of the Russian version of the voice assistant, to avoid accusations of homophobia. A spokesman for the company made an official comment, calling it a mistake.

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