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Siri laughed at Barack Obama

Voice assistant Siri accidentally interrupted the course of the press briefing at the White House. In her opinion, Obama’s policies in the middle East raises many questions. It is reported by the British newspaper the Guardian.

During the briefing conducted by White House press Secretary Josh Ernest, one of the journalists asked a question about the politics of Barack Obama in relation to Iran. Representative of the President asked, concerned about whether he is the fact that Obama failed to enlist the support of the Republican party. But before the question was finished, came the voice of Siri replied “Sorry, I’m not quite sure what changes you are expecting”. The assistant must have accidentally included one of the representatives of the media.

In the new generation of smartphones iPhone 6s Siri will work in the background for answering the question will not require pressing the call using voice assistant. With the launch of this feature, it is likely that such incidents will occur more often.

Now Siri works constantly in standby mode and is activated after the phrase “Hey, Siri” or similar combinations of sounds. Note that in the previous iPhone and iPad models such option is available after you connect the device to the power adapter.

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