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Siri lags behind other voice assistants, according to a study

According to the results of research of J. Walter Thompson and Mindshare, voice assistant Siri lags behind in features from its competitors – Amazon and Google Alexa Home.

“The company Apple presented in 2011, Siri, is a pioneer in the field of voice assistants. But now its technology is increasingly lagging in the market. Despite the fact that Siri is integrated with wearable devices Apple Watch and AirPods, the company clearly lacks the capabilities of machine learning and user data access due to company policy related to privacy and data security”.

The results of the study rely on the opinions of more than 1,000 smartphone owners in the UK. The report also contains information on user preferences voice assistants. Not surprisingly, they were mostly young men with average or high income.

“50% of respondents aged 18 to 34 years, 43% men and 48% of people with incomes of more than £ 50,000 used voice assistants every month or more often, compared with an average of 37%”.

It is noteworthy that in addition to the three main reasons – convenient, easy and fast – people use artificial intelligence because it’s fun and new, despite the fact that Siri appeared 6 years ago. The popularity ranking of queries funny questions took second place.

Often personal assistants to use at home. 22% of respondents said that they are uncomfortable talking to their devices on the street or in public places. 15% of users of virtual assistants said that they use it to manage devices “smart” home.

In the first place by number of requests searching for information, then music playback, weather reports and navigation. Users expect that in the future voice assistants become smarter and more personalized.

“Users voice assistants want to see a wider integration between platforms and devices, as well as the opportunity to continue the conversation from where they left off. People want the assistant to know about their preferences and could answer any questions. Said one Respondent, “I would like to voice assistants could understand me on that level, where people understand each other.” About a third (32%) of smartphone users look forward to a future in which “voice assistant will anticipate what they need and take action or give hints”.

It is here that Apple may face a big problem – emphasis on the confidentiality limits the knowledge and capabilities of Siri.

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