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Siri is still the most popular voice assistant, but the number of users has decreased significantly

Siri remains the most popular voice assistant smartphone users, according to research company Verto Analytics. The monthly number of unique users is reduced, this applies to popular technologies.

Analysts surveyed 20,000 users in the United States in the period from may 2016 to may 2017. Siri was the most popular virtual assistant among Americans. The number of users he’s twice his pursuer Samsung S Voice. Siri 41.4 million active users per month. Although compared to the previous year their number decreased by 15%.

“From may 2016 to may 2017 Siri has lost 7.3 million monthly users (about 15% of the total),” – analysts say.

The number of active users S-Voice for the year has decreased from 24.8 million to 23.2 million people, according to the will swollen analysts.

At the same time, users began to apply to domestic voice assistants. In particular, according to experts, a 325% increase in the number of users of Amazon’s Alexa, to 2.6 million people. Also 350% more users have become Microsoft’s Cortana. Smart column Google Home began to use the 4.7 million versus 4.5 million a year earlier.

Often after using a virtual assistant users switched to Chrome, Google Maps, and Google Play.

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