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Siri in iOS 11 will get integration with iMessage and iCloud

According to Israeli news site The Verifier, Apple is planning to seriously upgrade voice assistant Siri in iOS 11. In the new operating system technology will include adaptive artificial intelligence and get the integration with iMessage and iCloud.

It is believed that a virtual assistant needs to learn the user’s habits and to consider the context when performing various tasks. The lack of awareness of the user action is one of the weaknesses of Siri compared to Google and Samsung Assistant Bixby. Assistant Google Assistant can not only receive data from the Internet and other resources, but also understands follow-up questions asked in an incomplete form. For example, after the question “Who is the President of the United States?” may be followed by “How old is he?”. Such functionality is expected in Samsung Bixby.

Integration with messenger, iMessage will allow Siri while performing the tasks to take into account the context of the correspondence. Thus, the conversation about sushi can induce function to find a restaurant and offer to reserve a table. Integration with iCloud will be used for “identifying the connections” between devices and take appropriate action on each of them. In fact, it will mean enhanced support for Siri in tvOS and watchOS.

It is expected that Apple will demonstrate the new technology at WWDC in June 2017. However, there is a possibility that the manufacturer may postpone new Siri functionality to later releases.

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