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Siri in iOS 11 allows you to use text commands instead of voice

11 in the iOS voice assistant Siri received support for text commands. This is useful when the user is not willing or able to talk to virtual assistant out loud. For example, in a cafe or while working in the office.

Now iPhone and iPad can enter text queries and commands for Siri. But there is one point. In beta versions of iOS 11 have to choose between text and voice dialing. If you have activated the option “enter the text for the Siri” assistant does not accept voice commands. It would be much easier if Siri was able to switch between these options automatically. Perhaps in future versions, the manufacturer will consider it.

How to use text commands Siri:

To enable text commands for Siri in iOS 11 use the following.

Step 1. Go to Siri and Search and activate the option to listen to “Hey Siri”.

Step 2. Go to Settings > General > accessibility > Siri.

Step 3. Activate the radio button next to the option “text Input to Siri.”

Step 4: Press and hold the Home button. Now instead of the usual beep, the screen will display the question “how can I help” and standard keyboard.

Step 5: Just type a query or command and then click finish.

Response Siri will be displayed as text. If the virtual assistant does not understand the task, you can click query and edit it.

External keyboard

The voice requests to Siri also works with external keyboard on iPad. The presence of the Home button (like on the Logitech K811) makes the entry process more convenient. Clicking on the key and putting the command to Siri, the user can be much faster to perform simple tasks, for example, to send a message, play music or create a note.

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This functionality is especially important now that Apple is positioning the iPad Pro as a replacement for a computer. Gradually iOS becomes the operating system of the professional level, which is closely related to hardware, always connected to the Internet and is constantly in the pocket of the person.

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