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Siri in Canada directs callers prostitutes in a bar for gamers

Another curious incident occurred with the virtual assistant of Apple. Siri voice assistant when querying user to order them a prostitute, specifies the address of the eSports bar in Toronto, Canada.

As told by co-owner Meltdown eSports Bar Alvin Ucapan, he is constantly calling unknown people, who are asked to identify quotations and to tell about the conditions of providing escort services. First Ucapan decided that it was a prank call, but later found out that it is the work of a voice assistant of Apple.

Apparently, Siri decided that the request “escorts” and the name “eSport” in tune, and therefore synonymous.

The owner tried unsuccessfully to contact Apple to correct the error. While Ucapan not going to change the phone number and already take calls with a request to arrange call girls as a special token of his club.

Last year a famous singer and actress Barbra Streisand has contacted Apple CEO Tim cook to ask for the correct pronunciation of his name the voice assistant Siri. According to her, the function incorrectly says her name, using “Streisand” instead of “Streisand”.

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