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Siri has new jokes about tomorrow’s presentation Apple

Despite all the tricks Apple trying to hide from us the course of the presentation on September 9, already known to us and novelties that will be presented, and the software upgrades and even has a point about seven thousandth huge hall, where it will be a welcome event. However, the plot still remains, largely due to the content of the invitations sent out to the audience.

“Hey Siri, give us a hint” (Siri, give me a hint), this slogan was chosen by marketers from Cupertino to attract the attention of the public. What would it mean? Perhaps the virtual assistant needs to recommend us, for what purposes and how exactly to use an iPad Pro? Maybe we will not be able to see a new Apple TV set top box, which will have a huge amount of new features? There are many questions, and the answer to all know only to Apple.

Of course, thousands of owners of iOS devices decided to talk with their devices, entreating them to give a hint in the hope of getting sparkling joke in response. In Apple, foresaw such questions, taught Siri how with a straight face, not progovorivshis about the upcoming presentation, deflect pesky users. Although, the answers are very smart. So, from now on cupertinos assistant familiar with binary number system and is able to answer using the code consisting of zeros and ones.

For example, on this screenshot you can see live example. But not in a hurry to get textbooks on computer science – encrypted word is translated as “gotcha” (that was the name of an arcade video game produced by the company Atari, which was once linked Steve jobs).

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Another the answer Siri gives to a request to give a hint, it is highly hinted at the event, which will take place tomorrow, September 9. Or do we get a more detailed answer, like: “don’t tell anyone I told you, but I come from reliable sources I know that… Oh, Tim just looked at me.”

And here shows a response that also contains a mention of the future. “You have to wait until tomorrow like everyone else.”

Siri apologizes to the user to mention the fact that I missed a top-secret meeting. But in a hurry to make excuses: “I was busy that resembled three million people call their mothers”.

Agree, very nice that Siri is investing in each answer to its virtual soul. But the proverbial tip still haunts the author. What exactly awaits us tomorrow?

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