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Siri has become the most popular digital assistant

Siri — Apple’s voice assistant that works on all iOS devices and also for Mac and HomePod, Apple Car, etc. for the First time Siri appeared in 2011 as an exclusive function of iPhone 4s.

According to Apple, Siri “actively used” for more than half a billion people. The company announced in a press release, dedicated to the production of Apple devices HomePod. No statistics to confirm the phrase about the popularity of Siri in the press release was not, therefore, clear that the developers believe Apple HomePod active use Apple HomePod: running the application a number of times per day, or the number of active users.

Apple doesn’t allow to integrate Siri into the device to third-party developers, but the company provides a platform SiriKit to support a limited third-party functionality in very specific areas such as mobile payments, messaging, reminders, etc.

With the advent of the market Apple HomePad Siri can expand. For example, a wireless speaker will be able to work with third-party applications to exchange messages with the help of a personal assistant customers will be able to send messages to friends and colleagues using compatible apps SiriKit such as WhatsApp and Viber.

Siri is the main interface on the HomePod. It is logical that Apple developers have optimized it to work with the music, allowed her access to hundreds of genres, moods and action in the Apple Music and learn to analyze the preferences and tastes of the owner with the help of iCloud.

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