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Simulator of rocket pack Piloteer was free game of the week in the App Store

The App Store was free project Piloteer offering to take to the skies in the most natural Icarus, and then, like the famous mythical character, inevitably to fall upon mortal earth. The game differs from its analogues increased complexity, realistic and stylish graphics. Over the next 7 days the project is offered for free download.

The plot of the game known to the inventor of the jetpack decided to conduct an experiment and test flights with backpacks in town. The task of the gamer is to help would-be experimenter to fly as far as possible, not to face different obstacles which await you in the city and to prove to the world that the flight on the device safe.

Piloteer is entirely based on physics. After playing a few minutes, understand why such an interesting way of moving us still unavailable. The number of catastrophic falls beyond all reasonable limits, and to control the jetpack occupation is not easy. In the game you have to constantly maneuver, flying through the sky and performing the proposed mission.

Unlike other games in the App Store, Piloteer for a luxurious stylish Spartan graphics instead of visuals. The levels as the character, hand drawn by pencil and in General, the toy resembles a kind of virtual papier-mâché, as in appearance, still feels. The colors are not pumped up — on a Retina screen Piloteer looks just magical, and the menu and lettering in the style of “steampunk” added to the game even more charm.

Management in Piloteer for iOS is a simple “gas” rocket pack is activated by tapping on the left and right side of the screen. Click on the left, a brave jet Icarus flies to the right, Tapan on the right rocket pack quickly turns back. Want to climb up? Then right click on two fingers. Most difficult exercise in the game — a soft landing.

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Piloteer will appeal to all who love the humor, the style and the flight. Again, you will be given a real virtual jetpack. The increased complexity is quite luxurious komentiruete graphics, funny falls and pleasant music (soothing piano).

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