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Simple question, which explains everything that Apple makes

This year Apple has released three brand new product — “smart” watch Apple Watch, iPad Pro and Apple’s streaming Music service and they have caused users a mixed reaction. Columnist Matt Weinberger from BusinessInsider said the emergence of these products natural. The main purpose of their entry to the market – support for iPhone.

According to analysts, a year ago, the share of Apple accounted for 86% of the profits earned in the smartphone market, and in the last quarter this figure rose to 94%. These data are impressive in and of themselves, but particularly impressive growth in the share of profits looks at the background of the fact that in quantitative terms the contribution Apple has not changed. During the quarter it sold 48 million iPhones, which, like last year, 14.5% of total sales in quantitative expression.

Apple is largely dependent on one product. However in Cupertino not trying to look for new sources of income, and work only on “this train is not slowed down,” said Weinberger. If you come to understand what is the purpose of Apple does this or that step, try to answer the question: “What benefit will it bring to the iPhone?“.

If iPhone sales start to fall, for Apple it will lead to great losses. Therefore, in recent years, the Corporation concentrates on the effective elimination of interferences for him.

From this point of view, any new product the most expensive in the world, be it Apple Watch or Apple Music, aims to attract people to the iPhone. And the more the user “Apple” devices, the demand will be the main product of the company.

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Smart watch Apple Watch is considered to be the best smart watch. And if a person wants to become their owner, it will need the iPhone. Not all need it, but for those who really want the “Apple” smart watch is one of the reasons to buy the Apple smartphone. For the same reasons, I’m sure Weinberger, there are iPad and iPad Pro.

Using this logic, according to BusinessInsider, you can even explain why Apple decided to produce its own car.

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