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Should you buy the Apple Watch

Apple continues to follow the path of Steve jobs, making the revolution for the revolution. In 2007 iPhone, 2010 iPad was born and in the last year 2014 the world saw the Apple Watch — they were all innovative products, changing spiritual idea of what needs to be smartphones, tablets and smart watches. Experts resource Rbc who tested the new product in two weeks, shared his opinion about the device and made some unexpected observations.


Apple Watch is by far the most beautiful smart watch from all available. It’s not even the design (to be honest, the device resembles greatly reduced the very first iPhone), and in detail: well-chosen materials, incredible build quality, attention to detail. It is a refined product, each part in its place. All “Canon”, as it should be in the Apple device.

All this splendor in the photos is not visible, and Apple offers a reason to every applicant personally to see the Apple Watch in its retail stores. A choice of three models: Apple Watch Sport (cheaper) aluminum and tempered glass, positioned primarily as a fitness gadget; Apple Watch (expensive) stainless steel, sapphire glass and ceramics, and elitist Apple Watch gold Edition for $10 000. Each model is available in two sizes, 38 and 42 mm watches are available a variety of straps. All of them, including “start-up” plastic option live look nice.


Apple Watch sync with iPhone 5 and above. The functionality of the wearable device is fully revealed only in the pair with the iPhone. Something they can do and without it (show time, take steps and play music), but only to the extent that.

The main and the most useful feature of the Apple Watch — the management of notifications. Every message, every reminder will be shown on the watch display. And it can react, not touching the smartphone itself.

The preferred sold chat. In the message, be it SMS or email, you can reply by voice, without taking your smartphone out of your pocket or purse. Call. The brush feels not strong, pleasant vibration. Raise your hand, the display then comes on — we got the SMS. Click on the icon of a microphone, dictate, drop the hand. The rest will make your iPhone in your pocket.

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Email is even more interesting. If the email client supports Apple Watch, came a letter can be a couple of swipes to send to spam, mark as read, delete, in General, to do almost everything essential.

Speaking of vibration. This watch uses a special motor called the taptic Engine, and it vibrates quite unusual, giving the impression that someone touches your hand. This vibration is generally not annoying, and this is important, because to feel it you have very, very often.

In General, the attempt to rethink the communication through wearable technology Apple can put a fat plus.

In addition, on the clock, you can use Siri to set reminders (convenient), to switch between playing tracks (less convenient), to seek information on the Internet (inconvenient), and talk on the phone via the watch (very inconvenient). The last function on paper is very useful, but in practice are needed only if you’re home. The speaker is very quiet — not noisy street.

I still don’t advise you to go to the selection menu of emoticons. Almost all of them are incredibly scary in the truest sense of the word. Yellow, twitching in convulsions, eyeless (sic!) smiley with tongue hanging out will be a long time dream of you at night.


Many questions concerned management. Human interaction with the iPhone is actually tied to one button. As for contact with the Apple Watch offers three ways — a cause for confusion. Closer control of the Apple Watch reminds…. the computer mouse.

So, there is a “digital crown” — a wheel, which in a traditional clock is responsible for the plant. Apple Watch can scroll the page, a few taps on it will return you to the start screen and a long press will cause Siri.

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You can interact with clock and through the screen: tap as a left click of the mouse, strong click — click as a right click, it opens an additional menu. But what appears, is not always clear, and you have to experiment: went into the app, pressed hard on the display, see what happened.

Another button on the watch will open a list of favourite contacts: from this menu, you can quickly call or send SMS.


The process of adjusting to the Apple Watch in a sense, is based on the principle of the famous five stages of acceptance of the inevitable, but without the “depression” and “anger”.

The first stage, denial: I wear the Apple Watch, but have no recollection of it regularly took out his pocket — worried, didn’t miss anything important.

The second stage, let’s call it a bargain: I wear the Apple Watch, but still out of habit reach for the phone. Then remember that the clock is silent — so nothing to worry about.

The third stage, acceptance: I wear the Apple Watch hands. Times they are silent, and nothing to worry about.

To get full enjoyment of use can only be achieved after all three stages. This process may be delayed. So you should not draw conclusions about Apple Watch half an hour after the purchase. For starters it is better to relax, to stop looking at the brush, and forget about the clock. They will remind myself.

All that is in the Apple Watch, full to one bar higher than the competition. The watch is unmistakably Wake up, once you turn the brush on and off, you should lower your hand. Notifications are not duplicated on the device screen, if you hold the smartphone in your hands (except calls). Almost all parameters can be configured: the vibration intensity, font size, position on the dial, the color of the interface. The process of pairing between iPhone and Apple Watch is brilliant and talk about it — to spoil a pleasant surprise.

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All these little things, not really important individually, in the end, the highlight of the Apple Watch from a faceless crowd of smart watches. The creators of the Apple Watch to know that this device is not just reduced the smartphone, because it must be worn on the body. And from this point of view here is thought if not all, very much.

At the level of the competitors here is that the battery life. If you use the watch, without limiting, more days of the Apple Watch is not to squeeze. So get ready to charge them before going to sleep.


I like the Apple Watch. But the most unpleasant is that with all the love for this gadget I can’t clearly explain why someone should buy it. To read notifications with brushes handy, but even this “feature” not worth buying a fairly expensive (from 24 000 rubles) device. The fitness features are also present in the smartphone. And the appearance… Yes, the Apple Watch is pretty but not serious to compare them with some other traditional models from Swatch?

The word “need” implies a necessity, something without which you would be worse. But you definitely will not be worse without the Apple Watch. It is definitely the best smart watch of all created, it is a pity the industry of wearable devices can’t offer anything better.

But the Apple Watch is just the beginning. Beginning of a new era, the birth of a new platform, a whole type of electronic devices. Once the iPhone had no app store. Is it possible to imagine a smartphone without access to millions of the most diverse programs? The question is rhetorical.

We live in a time when the computer can be worn on the hand. Left to live to a time when it really makes sense.

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