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Should I trust the advertising “Shot on iPhone”?

Last year, Apple launched an advertising campaign with the slogan “Shot on iPhone”. The company opened on the website photo gallery, and hung an is camera flagship smartphones in many cities around the world. Known technologer Marques Brownlee believes that users should not completely trust Apple and other manufacturers who say that taking photos on their mobile devices.

The fact that the company to create a spectacular shot, often resorted to the use of professional equipment. Brownlie lists the types of devices that are used for the filming of “perfect” mobile video, lenses, tripods, Steadicam and other devices, which may be tens of thousands of dollars.

Formally Apple does not deceive, claiming that the pictures taken on the iPhone. However, for many users this level of shooting will not be available.

“You never asked yourself whether all these promotional videos in the spirit of the campaign, Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” (or advertising of any other brand) were really created with the smartphone’s camera? — asks Brownlie. Well, the answer is Yes. Technically they are telling the truth. But, as a rule, with serious reservations”.

The main purpose of such advertising — to show the video, “filmed on camera phones”, and force users to think that they can remove the same should you only purchase this device. “But if you showed how this is removed in fact, the effect likely would have been the opposite,” says Brownlie.

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