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Should I buy a new keyboard Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad?

Last week Apple released a wireless keyboard with numeric keypad. The keyboard unit extended keyboard with extra keys navigation for fast scrolling of documents and full-size arrow keys for playing games.

Before you choose a full-size Apple keyboard, you should consider what you will use those extra keys and consider some important points.

Size matters

It is clear that a full-size keyboard will take up more space. If you use any stand, new Magic Keyboard may simply not fit.

If the width of your stand less than 60 cm, and you have a Magic Trackpad, then you might have to give up and use the touchpad for scrolling, for example Magic Mouse 2.

Additional keys to improve productivity

The standard only Magic Keyboard 12 function keys. If you need more, you can use Option or Command. Full-size keyboard offers 19 function keys, more convenient and the arrow keys.

The new keyboard there are additional buttons – “Home”, “End”, “Page up” “Page down” and “Delete”. Button “Home” returns the cursor to the beginning of a line or page, and “End” respectively to the end of the row or page. The “Delete” button next to it, designed to delete characters behind the cursor and not in front of him.

If you often use shortcuts or write software code, then an additional unit will be very useful.

Digital panel

Of course, the most important thing in Magic Keyboard with number pad – the number keys. Anyone who often works with Excel, you know how convenient it is to have all ten digits. The keyboard is standard and the digital number above the letters, so you will have a choice.

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If you often perform calculations and you still like them to put on, then you are unlikely to enjoy the convenience of a digital block and for you it will just waste the place.

Old and new models Magic Keyboard is very similar

Standard Magic Keyboard Magic Keyboard and look almost identical, the distance between the keys the same, all Apple-specific shortcuts have not changed.

The button “Function” from the bottom left corner moved to the keys “Home” and “End”, and “Control”, “Option” and “Command” have become larger in size. In addition, as noted above, the arrow buttons now are full size.

Is it worth buying a Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad?

Should you buy a new Magic Keyboard, depends on how your workplace and is there a need for an additional unit.

If your stand for the keyboard is less than 60 inches, and you work with the Magic Trackpad, this keyboard will not work.

If you frequently use keyboard shortcuts, perhaps you should think about upgrading to the new Magic Keyboard.

If you often program or work with numbers, you should also consider the option of buying Magic Keyboard. After all, you will get a lot of additional functionality in a familiar design.

Well, for someone a significant advantage may be the size of the main buttons. If you find it difficult to get the arrows on the old keyboard, for example in games – it makes sense to go on a Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad.

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