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Should I buy a 32-Gigabyte iPhone 6 in 2017?

It is no secret that Apple products are practically not represented in the budget segment. While some people buy the iPhone because of its user-friendly interface, performance, or ecosystems, while others opt for a machine just because it’s a premium device. Such users are often unaware of the technical advantages of “Apple” technique and follow the old rule: more expensive means better.

In many markets, the presence of iPhone, iPad or Mac even is an indicator of his social status, which makes the device even more attractive.

On the one hand Apple cannot afford to lose brand, offering budget solutions on the other – companies need to expand the audience of users of its products. Until recently, the company was fairly sound approach in this regard. But to offer the iPhone 6, albeit with a 32 GB, in 2017? How justified users such a purchase?

Initially, Apple’s approach to budget products was pretty simple. In the segment of the PC has offered 11-inch MacBook Air, which has now replaced the 13-inch model for $999. In the case of the iPhone and iPad the company continued with the release of new models to release last year’s gadgets, but at a reduced price. Given that the devices “Apple” of the Corporation are known for their long period, buy last year’s flagship was quite reasonable, although in recent times for legacy iPhone and iPad typical delays and restrictions on the level of program functions.

Last year, Apple departed from this strategy by releasing “budget” mini-flagship iPhone SE. This decision is appreciated by many, even the not too wealthy buyers could purchase a new iPhone with all the latest “chips.” In addition, the iPhone SE was a real find for lovers of compact smartphones. Of course, not without limitations – this model doesn’t have support for 3D Touch.

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The unit was very successful. In USA iPhone SE took third place in the ranking of the most sold smartphones. And if the rumors about the launch of a 128-Gigabyte version is confirmed, this means that 4-inch devices to buy, not only because of the price.

It is logical to continue to update iPhone SE actually offering the flagship device at a reasonable price. Now, however, this was not enough and Apple will resume sales of the iPhone 6, giving it 32 GB of flash memory. The decision to return to the market model of three years ago – quite a controversial move. Although the iPhone 6 is not a bad device, its hardware order is obsolete and will soon cease to be relevant when faced with performance limitations. And this is done at a time when Chinese brands produce quite powerful machines at affordable prices.

Perhaps Apple has no choice. Maybe in China or Taiwan for users on the size of the display and Apple need to offer affordable smartphone with a 4.7-inch screen. But this approach is very risky. People with low incomes expect that the expensive device will serve them for at least several years, and the iPhone 6 is already outdated.

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