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Shot on iPhone 7 Plus: ESPN photographer experienced smartphone camera in the field

The camera of the flagship smartphone, iPhone 7, Apple put a great deal of hope. In fact, it is one of the main innovations implemented in the new generation of smartphones Apple.

Earlier on Monday, Tim cook in his Twitter account posted a link to a photo of the magazine Sports Illustrated, shot on iPhone 7 Plus. And now a photo shoot made for the new Apple smartphone, was published by ESPN. Pictures taken at the match of the Open championship of the USA on tennis (US Open).

The published photos it is difficult to estimate the maximum available camera iPhone 7 Plus detail: they are reduced to the size of 1296 x 883 pixels. Click on the photos to view them in the maximum available resolution.

The colours are realistic and done in the movement photo is not blurred. It should be noted that under the aggressive sunlight smartphone coped with the task quite adequately, although lost on some shots the detail in the shadows. By the way, made against the sun pictures also turned out well.

The edges of the frame noticeable distortion typical of wide-angle mobile lens, but they are expressed seem weaker than the other top mobile devices.

Collection from ESPN and from Sports Illustrated, unfortunately, does not answer at least one important question about the iPhone 7 Plus: how it shoots in low light conditions.

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