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‘Shot on iPhone 6″: true version ads [video]

March 1 this year, Apple opened a gallery of photos Shot on iPhone 6″ and started to hang out in many cities, advertising the camera of its flagship smartphones. The gallery presents the work of photographers from around the world – the USA, Spain, Vietnam, Scotland and other countries. All pictures taken by the camera of iPhone 6. It is noteworthy that section appeared on the website simultaneously with the presentation of a 16-megapixel flagship Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 with a 20-megapixel camera.

Later, during the ‘Shot on iPhone 6″ Apple has added a gallery of videos shot around the world. The clips demonstrate various capabilities of photography with the iPhone 6, including modes of slo-mo and timelapse. All of the commercials shows a short episode duration 15 seconds, difficult to capture on video (for example, flying birds). After it is signed Shot on iPhone 6 (‘Shot on iPhone 6″).

Creatives from the project Elite Daily decided to parody the works of the Apple marketers and published a “real” videos, created by the owners of “Apple” devices. Company working in the advertising business, so mocked by his colleagues.

Staff resource has made a compilation of small clips from the series (“Also filmed on my iPhone), which involved ordinary people. The reasons selfies were taken grimacing iPhone users, bad shooting kids and skateboarders, etc. the contrast between the original and the parody is noticeable due to the fact that the video in addition to the main plot shows the sequel, which spoils the idea of the author.

Project Apple ‘Shot on iPhone 6″ won an award at the Cannes film festival. The jury President Juan Carlos Ortiz praised Cupertino, saying that it was an advertising campaign, the Corporation makes a fresh look at things and proves that quality removal can be done even with your smartphone.

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