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Shazam has received recognition on images

Service Shazam to identify music, presented a similar function for images. This is stated in the press release of the company.

The app Shazam has learned to recognize not only the music, but also using the camera to read the logo or QR code. To run this function several magazines, including Esquire and Sports Illustrated has released the cover art or relevant materials.

The report notes that now the service can convert image — from posters, product packaging to printed publications — in interactive content. Users who have downloaded the latest version of the application can scan a QR code in the form of Shazam logo. For example, Disney printed logo on the posters of the film “Land of the future”. Reading the code, the user enters the interactive project, where you can find information about the film.

The company announced the conclusion of partnership agreements with leading international brands that will allow users to use a new feature.

The Shazam app are 100 million monthly active users. In February it became known that the company has invested $8.5 million venture Fund Buran Venture Capital, investors, co-founders of which are Group Michael Winchell, Gregory finger and Boris mints through the O1 Group.

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