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Shares of Apple fell 1.7% amid an unexpected decline in sales of iPhone

IPhone sales in the I quarter of 2017 decreased by 1% compared to the same period in 2016. These data derive from report Apple published in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. After the publication of the report promotion of the “Apple” giant fell 1.7% to $144.8 million.

Apple reported an unexpected drop in sales of the iPhone. If in the previous quarter, smartphones running iOS have been sold 78,290 million units, last 50,733 million. This is less than last year, equal 51,193 million units, so we are not talking about the seasonal factor. The indicator has appeared worse forecasts of analysts, who had expected iPhone sales to the level of 52.27 million

“We are seeing a pause in iPhone sales that, in our opinion, is connected with the earlier and much more frequent posts online about the new iPhones,” said Apple CEO Tim cook during a conference call with analysts.

The news of iPhone sales has not only affected the Apple stock, but securities of European component suppliers of the company. In particular, Dialog Semiconductor fell 3%. Orders Apple provide approximately 75% of the income of the company.

Developing a GPU company Imagination Technologies has lost 0.5% of market capitalization. However, it is a trifle after in April, its shares fell by 67%, when he became aware of the rupture of relations with Apple, decided to make their own GPU for the iPhone and iPad.

Shares of the company AMS, which supplies optical sensors for the iPhone, fell 2.1%, while shares of STMicroelectronics to supply the motion detectors, — 1.7%.

Despite falling iPhone sales, Apple’s quarterly earnings rose 1.2%, helped by higher average selling price

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