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Shareholders demanded Apple to increase the number of Asians and blacks in the management of the company

The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) published the text of the resolution submitted to the shareholders of Apple. The holders of shares of “Apple” giant again expressed dissatisfaction with the demographic structure of the staff, demanding to increase ethnic diversity in the leadership of Apple. In particular, the company should increase the percentage of Asians, Hispanics and blacks.

“The company is in an advantageous position, as it can be the example in promoting diversity in its management team and Board of Directors, judging by the size, scale and position Apple as one of the world’s largest corporations, – reads the statement of the shareholders. – The holders of shares concerned by the low level of diversity at the level of senior management and the Board of Directors, as well as too slow headway in this area, which carries certain risks for our business.”

Apple representatives responded that they are actively trying to attract minorities, but “can’t be responsible for what employees will come under the essential requirements”.

According to the report, Apple on the ethnic diversity of the staff, the majority (55%) of full-time employees of the company in the U.S. – white, 15% Asian descent, 11% Hispanic and 7% black. 70% of staff are men.

It is known that the Apple dissatisfied with the demographic structure of the staff and intends to gradually change it. “We want everyone who joins our team, every customer who calls technical support or visit our stores feel like home. We believe in equality for all, regardless of race, age, gender, sex and ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. This rule applies to all companies around the world without exception,” – said Tim cook.

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Disclosure of information about the structure of the personnel – a noticeable trend recently in Silicon valley. Apple to share such data with Google, Facebook and Yahoo. Picture all the companies almost everywhere, among employees is dominated by white men.

Apple emphasizes all the time that the issues of ensuring social and cultural diversity, it goes beyond such traditional categories as race, gender and nationality, and takes into account features that are “not usually used”, for example veteran status hostilities, sexual orientation, disability. The total number of staff of the company worldwide is around 100,000 people.

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