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Shadow Quest: Heroes Story is a colorful strategy with a strong RPG component

Various card games are all good, except that they are too primitive to two clicks, three presses, and, behold, the whole party. Of course, a slender set of internal rules, great makes a variety of simple formula, creating countless options, but still no content: levels, characters, some plot in the end. But nothing – finally found a card game, equipped with all the attributes of a great RPG and even strategy. This Is Shadow Quest.

The game kicks off with – don’t be afraid – the real story: in the ancient Kingdom of many years of fierce war. As a result of this unpleasant process, there are Shadows – really bad clots of darkness, the subjugation of the whole world. And only the ancient Order to direct which ever you are able to correct the situation – to get rid of Shadows, where you came from, and to rekindle the light above the cursed land. The script in Shadow Quest, of course, more for show, but in itself the structure is very good: you travel from level to level, through a series of bosses, villains and other villains; so some narrative in the game is.

But before you lay aside the main boss, got through roughly a thousand smaller battles – and every encounter can turn not the way you thought. Formally, all is very simple: you have four character cards, which are able to beat, heal and defend. They act against the well-organized attacks of the enemy, usually a group of skeletons, or some single, but the venerable creature, or something pohlesche. To attack, you need to stretch the card to the opponent; if you need someone to heal, rebuild a unit in the rearguard of the detachment. In a similar manner were arranged in a formation in old firearms and very like Eye of Beholder or in the retro-game Legend of Grimrock. Therefore, the location of the hero card is of great importance: the Archer will shoot from some positions, but thrust in the rear a solid “tank” – a more expensive. So you’ll have to think about optimal placement to consider all the nuances (some, for example, long reload) and only then go into battle.

But this tactic is not exhaustive. Heroes work together in the full sense of the word: if you successfully placed the bunch, I’d say the dark knight in a Duo with a Orc form a powerful tandem, complementing each other. Since the game has just a crazy amount of heroes, you’ll get a pleasant meal choices: to put someone in the squad who and who is better “worked”.

It is nice that this system is not just – if you ignore, then you will take out forward feet from the first boss. Shadow Quest is easy to learn, not easy, not easy to win – it will have at least poraskinut brains. Well, you waited for a long time, isn’t it?

Actually, to call the characters “cards” is not quite right – this card only externally, in fact the same as full – fledged characters, as in any RPG party. They just can throw in battle, some special abilities (for example, the Archer will launch an improved arrow) and similarly ranked by features: someone has a life bar longer, and someone quickly restored.

After the battle, don’t forget to look at the global map: there too, something to do. For example, the camp can carefully go through the descriptions of special abilities, and decide what fits you best. In addition, there is convenient in General to compose compositions: for instance, take the demon, the noble knight, Archer and see the guy with the beard. Look at the city in the forge will forge new armor from the extracted drawings, training pump and in the store… well what do in store? In General, lovers of hemp-you will find here lots of interesting things.

The most attentive will have noted that the Shadow Quest game free. Here many probably worked well-known reflex, often, by the way, correct – if the app at the start asking for money, there’s probably trash the name of donation. As often happens, but not in the case of Shadow Quest – there are domestic payments, but they are more for the lazy: if you understand the intricacies of the game, you can do this without microtransactions.

But not only they – Shadow Quest is pretty good (and rare) fusion of ancient traditions with new ideas. There are no kilometres of text, half-hour training, and other attributes is cool, but completely impossible in 2016 vintage RPG. It’s accessible, interesting, colorful game that uses advanced card format, in order to raise the same. – and, perhaps, to accustom to the spirit of the retro adventures of young generation. Let the battle not only the Shadows but conservatism is a shareware game for mobile may stand on a par with Eye of Beholder!

Shadow Quest: Heroes Story you can download on iPhone and iPad and on Android devices.

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