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Shade Combo: a dynamic puzzle game in the genre “three in a row”

In App Store you can meet thousands of monotonous puzzle genre of “three in a row”, but most of them are clones of each other, bring in fresh ideas. One of those innovators was Shade Combo (in the Russian version – the Combination of shades), which became in the App Store for free.

The game offers not just to put different blocks of the same type, destroying them, and replaces them with a variety of shapes, distinguished by the degree of saturation of the shades/gradients in which they are painted. It is the color inequality figures we have under our control and built Shade Combo gameplay: combining the two elements of the same color, we don’t destroy them (as in other similar projects), and shared one in the same, but darker. In words it sounds simple, but once you do, and break away will be impossible.

The game has two modes: “On time” and “Infinite”. As the name implies, in the first game goes on the speed – that is, the more you will be able to score points, the better; in the “Infinite” we no limits and sets no time frame. For unlocking the second mode is offering to pay $ 2 or 149 rubles, but as a free the game it doesn’t seem any too blatant robbery or unnecessary purchase.

If you are not strapped for cash are used to invest in the game for more fun passing real currency, the “Combination tones” you will not be disappointed – here stashed a lot of options of all bonuses, boosters, and other boosters that make the gameplay more solid and continuous.

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Gamers who love to compete with friends, will enjoy a support system of game ratings and Game Center achievements. And to compete in what will be a boon, GC, this game has lots of achievements and two pretty detailed rating system with multiple participants. Apparently, the hottest battles unfold in the “For time”, which, though free, but challenges the player seeking for a short time (each round lasts 30 seconds) to perform the largest possible number of successful combinations, and thus to “beat” a friend’s record or earn a new achievement – by the way, the last about fifty here, so have a lot of work.

From Shade Combo turned out great “time killer”, which, though not boast mind-blowing graphics that can attract new players with fresh ideas in a very conservative genre and the ability to easily and relaxed, and, most importantly, with the benefit of mind to help pass the waiting in a long queue or couple/lesson.

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