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Service ONDOC gives 150 rubles for the digitization of medical document

Service for control of health ONDOC carries out the action: users who download the application from 29 to 30 July, after confirming the account on the account will automatically be credited with 150 rubles, which can pay the digitization of medical records.

ONDOC is a free electronic medical record. Service users who attend are connected to the service of the clinic, do not take any papers from the doctor’s office — all the information comes up in their profile ONDOC.

ONDOC is not only a medical record, the service collects information from health apps that transmit data to Apple Health, such as Cardiio or Sleep Better. Keeps them on the website and in the app, showing every indication of functioning of the organism in dynamics.

How it works

Users of portable “smart” devices such as fitness bracelets and apps for running, weight control, pulse, accumulate huge amount of data about their health. But nobody knows what to do with all this information. ONDOC helps to use data from Apple Health.

Data ONDOC you can make your own. But the developers tend to users can get all the recommendations from the clinic automatically, and the doctor could look at the indicators of pressure or cholesterol that has collected ONDOC by integrating “smart” devices.

Often we put off visiting the doctor only because of the need to find a telephone and call. It is not always convenient: the street is noisy from the office need to leave so as not to disturb colleagues. In order to get a doctor’s appointment, no need to call the clinic or enter the middle name or postcode. Using ONDOC you can one-click to request a call back from the clinic. And to reminder that tomorrow is the reception. Directly from the app you can correspond with the administrator of the hospital or physician. Chat with the clinic to help at any time to find information about services to share files, to book an appointment or to clarify the reception — no phone calls. The doctor can write in the chat to clarify advice on diet or the dosage of the medication, ask whether it is possible to rinse your mouth after tooth extraction or to tell about health. Clinics with connected chat easy to find, selecting the search filter “Advises online”.

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Communication with the clinic becomes easier the advice of a doctor transferred to the medical card for your iPhone in a convenient format. No illegible handwriting or survey results on paper. Any person who attends ONDOC connected to the clinic will always be able to recall when and from whom he was treated.

All this helps to improve the quality of private medical services in Russia and give everyone a free tool for monitoring health. Information from ONDOC accessible from any device.

Download ONDOC for iPhone is available for free at this link.

Website service:


Until 23:59 30 Jul those who registered in the ONDOC, get on your internal account of 150 rubles, which can pay two to digitize medical records. Amount credited after account activation.

Just upload photographs of the survey in ONDOC, and after digitizing the information will appear in your electronic medical records.

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