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Service introduced a new design of maps with 3D buildings, and improved navigation

Free service updated the design of the cards in the iOS and Android versions. In the new version appeared 3D buildings, making maps more visual and informative, and motorists and pedestrians easier and more convenient to navigate the terrain. Group has taken another step towards the improvement of cartography — all buildings on the maps now appear in the volume. Thus, being on the street next to a high building, you can quickly find it on a map and to Orient correctly. Or, conversely, sitting at home and planning a route, remember that, is to turn right after the building.

The update also improved the navigation mode. Through a forward-looking review to motorists has become easier to navigate on the map. The developers plan to increase the readability of — so, in order to understand the situation and the orienteering was no single view on the screen.

In previous major update the developers have made changes to the design of the cards. Now on each of the zoom levels the map shows a set of objects: for example, the map of the world displays continents, after approximation — the names of the countries and so on. At each scale the map displays only those objects that are relevant and interesting to the user. Because of this it is easier to find the necessary objects on the map.

Roads for pedestrians and cyclists become more clear, and the designation of bus stops — more visible: now the user can quickly see where stops the bus. Motorists will notice that the new version is more clearly marked levels of roads: travel through the interchanges and bridges will not be difficult.

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Launched in 2011, the service provides travelers with detailed maps and high quality navigation offline. for iOS and Android allow users to download detailed maps of anywhere in the world and use them even without connecting to the Internet.

Currently contains about 2.5 million km of Hiking roads around the world (including 12,000 miles of stairs).

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