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Server iCloud backup not working after two days

Apple is trying to restore the correct operation of the iCloud service, intended for storage of user data. About this Macrumors reports with reference to the statement of the company’s technical support. The result of the failure of a number of services not working some iPhone users, iPad and Mac.

According to the website of “system State” backup server iCloud Backup not working after a few days. Problem fixed on English version of the resource, Russian all services marked in green.

Due to a failure of iCloud a number of owners of smartphones, tablets and Apple computers are unable to restore your data from backups in the cloud. The problem is that the recovery procedure backup is interrupted. In some cases people just don’t see cloud saved backups. Because of this I cannot transfer saved data to new device.

According to Apple, the issue affects 1% of the users of the service. The company advised the victims to wait until the job is restored.

In 2015, the iPhone and iPad users, double-faced major disruptions in its services. From March 11 to 13 hours of failed and iTunes, and the App Store, and in March in the online app store once again there is a problem. The exact cause of the failure Apple did not call.

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