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Serezha with feminine manicure on the Apple website caused outrage to the users

Studying localized promotional materials on the Apple website, Russian users igadzhetov found an interesting point. One of the promo images has several oddities, including some of him with a woman’s manicure. The latter fact could not fail to cause issues to the users.

This fact drew the attention of the blogger Dmitry Drugby. He studied photography with a revealed by the mail client of the iPhone 6s and found some mysterious facts. The survey in Facebook allowed us to summarize his observations.

“He gave to advertise your phone some girl, Yura already at 9:32 discusses yesterday’s concert, Nadia wants Rhino is completely bizarre,” commented the entry Olga Seregina.

The list identified in the illustration of oddities described stitching “Yura discusses the early morning yesterday’s concert, and Nadia wants a Rhino, which is absolutely not normal”, and the new iPhone 6s in pink enjoys a man with a manicure at the hand and clearly marked with the name Sergei.

At first there were suspicions of poor localization, but as it turned out — on the Russian language was translated quite correctly. E-mails on the iPhone screen correctly localized, swarthy hand and manicure not disappear – in the original Serge turned to Graham (Graham). Graham, according to Wikipedia, is a strictly masculine name.

A glitch that occurred at the junction of copywriters, photographers and editors? Maybe. However, if you remember the active participation of Apple in the equalization of the rights of sexual minorities, the situation is so clear no longer looks. “So we have to go with Serezha women’s manicure,” said the blogger.

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