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Sensor $10 will allow the Apple Watch to recognize objects in the hand [video]

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon and Disney have developed a technology for “smart” hours, which allows you to define the object in the man’s hand. The report was presented at the UIST conference 2015.

The idea is that by means of various sensors and associated software, a wearable computer can be transformed into the likeness analyzer mainframe environment. The technology is called EM-Sense.

If the person with this gadget touches, for example, to a running appliance, or a massive metal object, the human body functions as an antenna for the electromagnetic noise of the subject. For many objects of a similar “electromagnetic signature” is unique, so the algorithm previously trained on these subjects, easily matches the signature with the physical object.

For example, if you touch a hand to a 3D printer, it will display information about the time until printing is finished, in recognition of motorcycle watch can offer shorter route if you get your electric toothbrush, then the smart clock will start the countdown timer.

In the technology, researchers have proposed using machine learning technology, when the users themselves will contribute to the database the name of the subject, if it was not defined or defined incorrectly, and will be motivated on the basis of the received information. But now the proportion of erroneous definitions is less than 4%.

The project authors suggest to use their development for existing scripts. For example, you can create an alarm that will become active when you touch a particular subject in a particular room. For example, multiple people can set a reminder that you should not forget to switch off any home appliance when leaving the house, that is, when the pen touch the front door.

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Also this technology can be adapted for people with sight problems, when the wrist device will voice what touched now. Actually a lot of scenarios, and also new. Want to work with the technology, the sensors cost about $10, so that the realization of not price, say the researchers.

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