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Senators criticized trump for the use of Android-smartphone Samsung

US President, Donald trump continues to use my old Android smartphone made by Samsung, although the security Protocol, he was required to change it to another. The new head of the White house including publishes apparatus of a message in his Twitter.

Us senators expressed concern about the use of Donald trump Android smartphone. After the inauguration of the American President received a secure phone, however, remained faithful to the old cell phone. Senators serving on the Committee of homeland security, has issued a request, in which he expressed his concern about the choice of trump.

Experts note that for calls the camera, presumably, is not used, however, it is unknown whether the device special security measures as it is necessary for communication of the leader. This behavior trump creates risks not only for him personally but for the country.

The senators noted that for the President it is important to communicate with electronic devices, however, it is necessary to ensure the safety of his talks and have the opportunity to fix them.

The letter notes that any data exchange with the Internet if the smartphone is not protected properly, is unsafe and opens the device for potential attacks. Especially for such a high risk when you connect to unsecured Wi-Fi networks — in this case, attackers can try to steal data from the device and to know its exact location.

According to the senators, the hackers are not sleeping and are seeking ways to reach confidential information. In addition, they can remotely activate the microphone and record conversations, to watch the victim with the camera and record travel routes.

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Earlier it was reported that trump traded your gadget to a secure encrypted device approved by the U.S. secret service. But later the media changed their position: the President sends messages to Twitter from your old Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Given the policy of the South Koreans on updating the software and security for their old gadgets, it can be a serious risk.

Predecessor trump Barack Obama in 2009, after much discussion, convinced the guard to allow him to use the same BlackBerry smartphone. In recent years he fought for a long time that he was allowed and iPhone, but in the end received only iOS smartphone with limited functionality — it couldn’t make calls, take photos, capture screenshots and even play music. All that was left to Obama to read mail and browse Internet sites.

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