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Selling the most expensive iPhone?

On 18 September in the UK, Germany and USA on sale new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The residents of Russia, the ingrained notion that “Apple” devices cheaper to buy abroad. Resource Euromag found that it is not so, comparing the cost of the flagship Apple device in different countries.

The price of the popular iPhone 6 is very different depending on the state. Despite the fact that in different parts of the world sold the same device, the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive up to 400 euros.

Pet among smartphones in France will cost 709 euros for 16 GB, iPhone 6 Plus will have to pay 809 euros. In Germany the iPhone 6 available to buy from 699 euros, and iPhone 6 Plus – from 799 euros. Same price and waiting in neighbouring Belgium and the Netherlands, and Spain.

In Slovenia the price of iPhone 6 with 16 GB of memory is 705 euros. The average income of Slovenian family per year is 21 038 EUR, this means that the price of the iPhone 6 represents a 3.35% of family income.

In Luxembourg, the price of the iPhone 6 is less than 2% of the average annual income of an average family. So, a smartphone with a storage capacity of 16 GB will cost 675,90 euros, 64 GB – 772,59 euros, and 128 GB – 869,29 euros.

Significantly higher the price of the gadget in Italy. Here for the iPhone 6 with 16 GB memory will have to pay 729 euros for 64 GB – 839 euros, and 128 GB – 949 euros. The cost of the iPhone 6 Plus in Italy starts from 839€.

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Even niewygodne to buy iPhone 6 in UK: here it reaches 539 pounds (733 euros). But in neighboring Ireland, the smartphone costs 699 euros.

Cost of iPhone 6 in Turkey prohibitive: about 820 euros (2699 lire). In Hungary also unprofitable to buy a smartphone, here its price reaches 787 euros (247 990 HUF).

Surprisingly, in Switzerland, which is firmly rooted as one of the most expensive countries in Europe, you can buy the iPhone 6 from 703 € (759 francs).

In the USA the iPhone 6 is sold at a price of 649 dollars, that is 575 euros. And in Russia, the official price of the smartphone today start 48990 rubles, which is equal to 650 euros.

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