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Selling locked iPhone was the cause of a fatal shooting

Claims to purchased the iPhone led to the death of one of the parties to the transaction in Macon, Georgia in the Southeast United States. In a network there was video of the incident on February 23.

25-year-old Kareem Mano was found with his friend 20 — year-old Malik Thomas. According to local police, the main topic of conversation of the men was the iPhone, which Thomas previously sold to the sister of a friend of Mano. The smartphone, apparently, was Cruden, as it was impossible to activate a disgruntled customer demanded a refund.

The police assumes that the smartphone was stolen by the seller, or any of his accomplices, and after deactivated remotely by the owner using Find my iPhone.

Arguments lasted about two and a half minutes. After verbal arguments ended, Kareem Mano pulled a semi-automatic pistol the TEC-9, but after a while removed him back, then pushed his counterpart.

Malik Thomas did not wait for further developments and took possession of his weapon, however, was not in vain waving to them and immediately opened fire with the minimum distance.

Mano tried to escape, but managed to get away from the arrow by only a few tens of meters. During a short race, he received several wounds, which proved fatal.

The killer fled the scene but was detained by police the next day.

According to 360tv, at the time of the incident, the suspect was on bail in the amount of $65 000 and was waiting for trial, dedicated brought against him charges of armed robbery, unlawful imprisonment, and illegal possession of weapons in school. These acts, according to law enforcement officers, were committed, Mano in April of last year.

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