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Security system in bury iOS 10 jailbreak

Apple has always opposed jailbreaking, as obtaining root access to the iOS gives you the ability to install legitimate software from App Store, but also, for example, pirated software from unofficial sources. According to reports, in iOS 10, announced at WWDC on Monday, and has implemented a number of special techniques through which hackers can’t jailbreak existing tools.

With each new release of the Apple protects iOS and crackers, no matter how talented they are, harder find vulnerabilities and use them to create exploits. Never before has the protection of the OSes were not as strong as in iOS 10.

As told by developer Luca Todesco, vulnerability, which he used for testing iOS 9 is not relevant to iOS 10. Moreover, Apple has seriously strengthened the protection of the operating system: the company has spent enormous work on search and elimination of vulnerabilities in the security system. “In fact, all the techniques I used, no longer work. You need to start from the beginning,” said hacker. The expert compares the possibility of creating a jailbreak for iOS 10 search keys for five doors have a key for the third door, but without the key to the first, nothing can be done.

Recent failures of hackers who develop the jailbreak, due to competent personnel policy of Apple. At the beginning of the year, the company took on the salary of a well-known jailbreak developer P0sixninja and Chronic. For years they worked on the exploit for iOS and now helped the cupertinos to protect OS from interference. Two leading hacker along with a group of unnamed jailbreak developers have created a system Apollo, the developers call it “security Platform next generation.”

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“We know the iOS operating system far and wide, for many years we have studied its features. We know the weak areas you need to pay attention, we know what parts of the code are least protected and vulnerable to attacks”, – said Chronic. According to him, now instead of working on hacking iOS, they with the same intensity of work to make OS “absolutely protected”.

In other words, hackers who are looking for ways to create a jailbreak for iOS have to resist not Apple developers and let c qualification and the same professional burglars. And, judging by the results, the latter work much better.

Hacker Todesco, who told us about new methods of protection in iOS 10, promised that he would work on the jailbreak for the new OS. But how successful will attempts to find vulnerabilities to execute arbitrary code and to release a public exploit, to judge while early.

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