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Second-generation HomePod will get a Face ID

According to a report by Nikkei, Apple is working on introducing Face ID HomePod in the second generation.

In a report published a quote from David Ho, CEO of Inventec Appliances, which manufactures Apple HomePod and AirPods. Ho did not mention the name of the column, but analyst Jeff PU am sure that we are talking about the second generation HomePod. It should also be noted that Inventec Appliances also produces “smart” column with the Sonos.

We see the direction that develop engineers. The column will be able to identify different voices, as well as to recognize faces and images. These functions are related to artificial intelligence, needs to make people’s lives easier, and column are more easy to use.

The first version of the HomePod was presented at the conference for developers WWDC. With HomePod you can listen to music via the Apple Music, talk to Siri and control the “smart” gadgets that support HomeKit. The column will cost $ 349 and will go on sale in December 2017.

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