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“Search by image” – the easiest way to find duplicate photos in the Network

Had you ever experienced that after seeing a picture of a new gadget or a cool drone that you eerily want to know more about him, but the information was not? Previously, it would be a tragedy, but now there are several services a reverse image search. In other words, you can find images on your existing photos. With it you can quickly and easily on your iPhone or iPad.

We are talking about the application “Search by image” which lets you find similar images on the Internet. The search process is very simple: take a photo of an object or choose one from our gallery and press the search button. The program searches for the most similar image, and you only need to view the results and find what you really need. The app will search in two search engines: Yandex and Google, and if you have not found the desired one, you can always ask for help second.

Conveniently, you can set the size of the desired images before searching. For example, you need images in big size, so you can directly set the necessary parameters and do not waste your time in vain in view of all that is in the network.

The found results can be saved both on the images and links to them. Alternatively, you can send the link to a friend in any of the messengers or save it in the reading list in Safari. Speaking of conservation, it should be noted that for menu you need to click on the photo and hold it. The first time it causes some confusion, as there is no notation. Let’s hope that the developers will fix this in the next update.

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Encouraged by the fact that the app has neither ads nor in-app purchases. Download “Search by image” is now available in the App Store for $ 15.

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