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Seagate announces helium-filled hard disk capacity of 10 TB

Seagate Technology has officially announced the release of hard disk capacity of 10 TB. The device is designed for users who require the maximum volume of data storage and increased reliability.

10-terabyte drive contains seven plates. It uses the technology of filling with helium, which reduces the friction and turbulence when they spin. The density of helium is seven times less air density, which reduces the frictional force acting on the magnetic platters inside the hard drive, and also reduces the force of gas flow, which affects the accuracy of positioning of the heads and plates. Currently, such a technological solution is the only way to achieve such a huge volume without increasing the size of the HDD.

The hard drive includes two balanced motor that is claimed to reduce vibration at work. Limit declared by the manufacturer the load is 180 TB data recorded per year, the average time to failure up to 2.5 million hours.

Buy novelty will be available in two versions: SATA 6GB/s and SAS 12 GB/S. the spindle Speed and data transfer is not specified.

The drive is focused on small and medium business, servers and workstations. Currently, two major customer Seagate already testing new hard drives. Mass delivery of “helium” HDD will start later.

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