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Scratches on film Innerexile iPhone disappear for a second

Innerexile the company presented a line of accessories for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, coated with a special paint that can remove light scratches. It comes with protective films and bumpers for Apple’s smartphone.

New protective film Innerexile Self-repair can fix minor scratches in just a second. This is explained as follows: the entire film consists of microcapsules, which are filled with sticky liquid. When the surface is damaged, the liquid fills the scratch marks that disappear quickly. Visually the impression is that scratch on the film “dragged on”.

According to the developers, in tests accessory is recovering from scratches that were inflicted with a bronze brush by the pressure of 2 kg. the film Thickness is 0.2 mm, it is covered with a special material that does not leave fingerprints.

Transparent bumper from Innerexile, which works on the same principle, will go on sale in mid-November. It was successfully tested with the same bronze brush with the power of pressing 3 kg, the process was captured in the video.

The film is already out in mass production and available for order on the website of the manufacturer. The accessory costs $ 24.

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