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Scooter, an electric skateboard and gyrometer: overview of devices Razor

Mankind has come up with several thousand ways to move their bodies in space – it seemed that everywhere else? But the rapidly changing rhythm of the big city dictates the rules, in which cars and bicycles give way to scooters and gyrometers. They are smaller, more compact, often cheaper and easier to transport. In the end, they’re just cooler – a little child (of any age) can resist a brand new electroseparation. If you have active children, or you are in the shower big baby, here’s a review of the three wonderful devices from Razor.

The company Razor is a famous American brand of street transport. The company said at the beginning of the two thousandth, firing, without exaggeration, the legendary scooter: since almost every child USA is riding on Razor scooters. The range of the company clearly is expanding – now sphere of activity extended to the Segways, and to extremely fashionable gyrometers.

But first, about the new version of the legendary scooter that conquered America 15 years ago. Razor A5 DLX is an improved version of A5 Lux, a gorgeous device. Two-wheeled transport has become even better, getting rid of chronic sores predecessor: new folding mechanism does not emit infernal noises, and the handles no longer rattle when driving on the pavement. Now you will be able to ride, without informing the whole court. Despite innovations, the scooter was very easy – not more than four pounds.

The rest of the A5 scooter DLX is almost ideal all the same quality and reliability. It can be used as a scooter, as a scooter for the summer: the large wheels (200 mm) allow to overcome kilometer distance without any problems. The frame of the scooter is made of aluminum, and the device is equipped with a wing-brake for effective braking. The device has a wide frame, so it will fit as a scooter for children from 7 years and adults. Helps and weight: the device weighs slightly less than 4 kg, which is much less than most manufacturers.

Perhaps, DLX scooter the Razor A5 is one of the best and most fun ways to get around the city. Buy a reliable scooter in online store razor-russia – is the official dealer of Razor in Russia. It will cost about eight thousand rubles. But the quality is worth it!

If you are caring for a baby gift, and the usual devices he already has, you should buy an electric skateboard Razor E100 Power Core. This is a wonderful toy – kids electric skateboard suitable as a first grader and a teenager. The device is equipped with a powerful motor-wheel, which will push an electric skateboard, at least in the mountain, anywhere. And – one and a half hours non-stop. You can go to the edge of a small city. As a Power Core E100 is missing a chain and a chain tensioner device is easy to maintain – can handle any student.

Hotel Sommer develops the engine speed up to 18 kmh, but slides, of course, is powerful to “fly” faster and – most importantly, time to apply the brakes. The system stops in the electric Razor scooter is left to chance: when the “driver” push handle brake, turned off the motor, so you can slow down both manually and by a smooth decrease in speed.

And electrosocket Razor is very lightweight (11.8 kg, the rest weigh 15-18) and is ideal for urban riding. Dashing entertainment, but also a pragmatic thing – on Razor E100 can not only drive on the court, but also to travel, for example, to school. Buy kids electric skateboard can be on the same site as the razor-russia, which, as we know, the official dealer of Razor in Russia.

Finally, the most interesting – good gyrometer from Razor. Hovertrax 2.0, in contrast to the placers Chinese counterparts, made by the famous American firm that has attended to the question of patents. This certified gyrometer with smart balance system Everbalance, this means that you will not have any problems during its operation – for example, the device can stand still, doing nothing.

By itself, the Hovertrax is a Razor 2.0 is not so much a children’s or an adult gyrometer how versatile device for skiing for all ages and, in practice, road surfaces (vnedorozhe this gyrometer too overpower). Due to the fact that the Hovertrax 2.0 has developed a well-known brand, you will find gyrometer many interesting details: the power button at the top, there is a battery charge indicator, inside quick release Li-ion battery from LG (enough for two hours of continuous riding). The device is made of quality plastic and rubber. In General real quality. On the Hovertrax 2.0 can reach speeds up to 12 mph (very fast), and even twist stuff – thank you for this sensitive control system.

Thanks to the versatility of the device, gyrometer Hovertrax 2.0 you can buy as a child and an adult – things no minimum threshold weight can operate it like a preschooler, and retired. There is special tutorial mode, to control a gimmick not turned into continuous torture – so you will learn how to “drive” on the Hovertrax.

Sold gyrometer in online store razor-russia. Buy reliable gyrometer there are over 32 thousand rubles. Definitely more expensive than the Chinese analogs, but quality gyrometer from Razor that is so worth it. In addition, especially for readers of the site discount: enter the promotional code “macdigger” and receive a 10% reduction of the original price.

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