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Scientists have calculated how many years of life, stealing from a person smartphones

Smartphones consume in modern life an inordinate amount of time, say analysts from research company TNS. They calculated how much time the average user spends on a mobile device in the course of the year.

Daily device’s owner uses its functions for 3.2 hours, and in a year this translates into 49 days. The study involved residents of Australia aged 16-30 years.

After reviewing the responses, the experts concluded that daily on the screen of a gadget user is watching an average of 150 times a day. The man who will get the smartphone in 16 years to 80 years would hold for him for over 8 years.

According to the study, 63% of people looking at the tape of messages in social networks, about 50% watch videos. Before going to sleep almost all smartphone owners go online. No less popular is and start the day with watching news or social networks.

Chapter TNS alaister Limmud noted the important characteristic of today’s users – they are constantly entertaining myself “watch the video or read funny stories”. In his opinion, this takes away the subtleties of communicating with people, which can lead to the destruction of relationships with family and friends: “All faced with the fact that at a meeting at the dining table half checks their phones … Enjoy the sunrise and don’t respond to emails for work at 6 in the morning”.

Previously Boris Grebenshchikov urged iPhone owners to reduce the use of the gadget to a minimum. According to him, modern man is so attached to their devices that they ignore real life and cannot fully enjoy what is happening in reality phenomena and events.

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The musician said that not calling to completely abandon modern technology, because they have got the smartphone from Apple. However, he uses them only in the most extreme cases, preferring to seat in social networks of the city walk or the parks.

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