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Scientists are testing the technology to charge mobile devices via Wi-Fi without signal loss

Radio energy Wi-Fi can charge the batteries of mobile devices. Work in this direction is actively leads a team of scientists from George Washington University, who is working on a technology called Power Over Wi-Fi”.

The system, consisting of access points and sensors, allows you to use the Wi-Fi signal for charging mobile devices located at a distance of 8.4 m from the router (over time, this indicator should be improved).

I must say that the company Energous already sells a device that distributes energy using the Wi-Fi signal, but it has two drawbacks. First, users need to buy a new gadget, and secondly, he only charges your electronics, but you can’t use the Wi-Fi signal to connect to the Internet.

Power Over Wi-Fi does not have these problems – it can be used with existing access points, allowing you to simultaneously transmit both data and power.

The developers say about the optimization of routers via normal firmware, after which they have the ability to charge through the air gadgets, this functionality doesn’t affect the speed and stability of wireless Internet connection.

Researchers have conducted laboratory tests. Using Asus router RT-AC68U, they used it to charge various devices in six apartments, and in none of them the novelty has not had a negative impact on the distribution of the Internet.

Option is the use of slightly modified router, simultaneously engaged in the transmission of data over the wireless network, may be economically more promising, especially as components for them are already in mass production and relatively cheap, say the developers.

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