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Schools will be during the exam to suppress in the district cellular communication

During exam school will have the right to block a cell phone signal. Experts believe that the risk that this will interfere with not only students, but also residents of nearby houses.

The use of signal blockers in the schools at the time of delivery of the unified state examination was discussed at a closed meeting of the state Commission on radio frequencies at Ministry of communications, according to “Vedomosti” citing informed sources. As a result, the officials took a positive decision on this issue.

However, the cellular networks claim to set up the equipment to jam the signal solely within the building of the school impossible. According to the representative of Tele2, communication problems inevitably felt by the residents of the houses near the school grounds. Limited in this case there is also the possibility of calling emergency services.

Experts believe that before purchase and use of bollards would do well to test them. Now about the characteristics of the equipment that you plan to use in schools, is not known.

Formal ban on the use of such technical means was not before. So, the government of Chuvash Republic in 2015, has purchased the 105 locks cellular for the exam. The cost of such devices usually ranges from 45 000 to 55 000 rubles, however, in the case of the Chuvash Republic the cost of one lock was about 82 000.

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